Tameek Williams (born April 9,1992), widely known as Teemonee, is an American rapper, from Queens, New York.


​In January 2013, Teemonee joined forces with the Foundation for a Drug-Free World of the Americas. While the program had been educating students from all walks of life, this became an ideal platform for Teemonee to pursue photography, as a volunteer. From 2013 to present time,Teemonee has been protographing drug education lectures provided by Foundation for a Drug-Free World throughout New York City's public school system. With inspiration gathered through this experience, Teemonee penned the foundations theme song "Purpose" and began performing for students during several lectures. In 2014, Teemonee was recognized as a "Drug-Free Hero" and provided a plaque for his volunteerism. At the 2016 Drug-Free Heroes Awards Gala, Teemonee was presented a Drug-Free Excalibur award.